Revitalized and modernised

Loam, a building material for centuries already, has experienced a renaissance in recent years. This natural material can be advantageously combined with the efficient Liaver Expanded Glass. A heat insulating lightweight loam results from the compound of mineral Liaver and loam: It disposes of the traditional qualities of loam and is able to comply with present requirements for thermal insulation.
Concerning compacted loam, we recommend a compound of loam, straw and expanded glass: In case of a dry density ρd of 560 kg/m3 it is possible to achive a value of thermal conductivity λ10tr =0,11 W/(mK)(test report number B21/114-00 MFPA Weimar). Concerning an exterior wall of 365 mm, that is plastered with loam on both sides and consequently reaches a wall thickness of 395 mm, the calculated u-value is 0,28W/(m2K).

Since 10 years Liaver has been working with “Lehmbaustoffe, Thilo Schneider ”, a developer at “Kleinfahner”, Germany. Both jointly developed lightweight loam  material with outstanding physical features for building construction.