Liaver Expanded Glass Granulate is produced of recycled glass applying a patented  technique.Treated breakage of glass is fine-ground, mixed and formed. The granulate is sintered at a temperature of 750°C to 900°C in a rotary kiln. An ecological product made of mineral raw materials is produced this way. 

aus Altglas hergestellt
Liaver schwimmt in Wasser
Liaverstruktur (vergrößert)
  • non-toxic and free of dangerous substances
  • light and compression-resistant: min. bulk density <200g/l and crushing resistant: Ca>2N/mm² according to DIN EN 13055-1
  • excellent heat and cold insulation: λ= 0,07W/(m/K)
  • non-combustible: A1 according to DIN 4102
  • resistant to acids, lye and organic solvents
  • can not be affected biologically
  • frost resistant and dimensionally stable up to 750°C